Panel #11: Linguistic Landscapes and Soundscapes

  • Chair: Virginie Mamadouh
  • Discussant: Virginie Mamadouh
  1. Jennifer Monje and Michael Pastor: Transient, mobile, and multilingual: The linguistic landscape of protest in Manila
  2. Takako Kawabata: Do we see what we see? Key challenges to achieving a multilingual and multicultural society in a ‘monolingual’ Japan
  3. Vlada Baranova and Kapitolina Fedorova: ‘Hidden diversity’ and ‘policy of ignoring’: languages of migrants in St. Petersburg’s linguistic landscape
  4. Srđan Atanasovski: Patterned Sounds of Hegemony: Languagescapes of Belgrade and Vienna
  5. Zeinab Gvarishvili: Linguistic Landscape in post-Soviet Georgia Multilingualism – Threat or Benefit for the State Language
  6. Elcin Doruk and Selcuk Eryatmaz: Sign Language and the Politics of Deafness in Turkey

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