The Amsterdam Working Paper Series in Multilingualism is suspended. Apologies for any inconvenience.

We have an Amsterdam Working Paper Series in Multilingualism (A’dam Multiling) to present the activities of the book. All issues are released under a Creative Commons license, in support of the open access publication international movement. A’dam Multiling was launched during the International Open Access Week (20-26 October 2014) — see for instance the open access symposium organized by the University of Amsterdam.

Contributions are welcomed at every time of the year. Please download the presentation paper for more information. The stylesheet is also available for download, being the source code of the presentation paper, with the bibliography and the logos too.

All issues are freely available for download in the subpages of this one, organized along the solar years. Details on the current issues (2015) are here. You can also see the past issue — 2014.