Multilingualism and Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a multilingual city where different languages are used for different purposes, according to repertoires, practical needs, situations and opportunities, personal attitudes, sense of belonging, and so on. At the University of Amsterdam there are many people, at any level — from BA students to full professors — that deal with multilingualism from different perspectives.

This website aims to be a hub of ideas elaborated by these people, so to be spread into the city, the Netherlands, Europe and beyond. We are pleased to be informed of any initiatives related to multilingualism that is somehow related to Amsterdam, from funded projects to language festivals and informal meetings.

For sure, any information of this kind will be put in our news section. But even more is possible. For example, in the case of more structured projects, they can be put in the appropriate section with a link to the official web site, while if you have an advanced draft, consider to publish it in our Working Paper Series, which is open to contributions from everywhere. You can become a member for free and be listed in the appropriate section of the page People. Please contact us for details.

Anyway, here you will find an active network of scholars passionate about multilingualism and Amsterdam.