CLOW3 officially closed. Thank everybody for participating!


This microphone became the defacto symbol of #CLOW3 : light, easy, useful, gezellig. I hope that all participants felt like this here at the University of Amsterdam.

There are a couple of open issues that will be posted here:

  • Onsite filming: it will be published soon online, and links will be put in the Program page;
  • Proceedings: the Scientific Committee is arranging them and news will be appear here (too).

— Federico Gobbo Conference Coordinator

Informal social dinner for early comers

For all participants who are already in town tomorrow at Day 0: you may want to join us at an informal dinner tomorrow evening at 19:00 at the Kantjil & De Tijger (map).

This is an Indonesian restaurant, informal and cheap, which is perfect for small and large groups of people who want to eat well in a relaxed atmosphere. This invitation comes before the opening so you don’t have to deal with bank transfer and all the stuff you got used to.

Please tell us you want to join tomorrow when you will register at our desk.

Program update and Book of Abstracts

Unfortunately we had to announce that three oral presentations already in the program will not be delivered and thus we had to cancel them and adjust the program accordingly.

They are the two oral presentations by Leonie Cornips (Maastricht University / Meertens Instituut) & Yuri Michielsen-Tallman (Limburgish Academy Foundation) on Limburgish and the oral presentation by Curl Woolhiser (Brandeis) on Polesian and Podlachian.

Please have a look to the Book of Abstracts just updated at the second third version.