The EYE Restaurant

Our social dinner will have place at the Restaurant EYE, in the heart of the EYE Film Instituut Nederland, directly opposite Amsterdam Central Station. The location is very convenient to reach. When arriving at the station, take the exit to IJzijde (IJ bank), where the ferries to Amsterdam Noord leave. There, take the ferry on the right side of the platform towards Buiksloterweg. Please take a look at the map (for the bigger version, click on it).

Ferries leave every few minutes 24/7 and they are free (no ticket is required). The ferry towards Buiksloterweg takes 3-4 minutes from the IJ bank, no more. Then, you have to walk to the left for 3-5 minutes and enter the EYE building (see photo). The restaurant is close to the windows. The EYE Film Instituut Nederland is a beautiful building made by the Italian archistar Renzo Piano and the view on the IJ is wonderful. See photo of the building below.

The menu

Tables are reserved from 8pm o’clock onwards, May 3, at the name of the University of Amsterdam – please refer to the program page for details. We kindly ask you to be on time, as tables are reserved for definite hours, as usual in Dutch restaurants. We have reserved seats and made an arrangement for the menu, which has three courses in total (starter, main, dessert) for each person. Meat, fish and vegetarian options are available. Drinks are included.

The dinner costs 45 EUR. For details, please refer to the registration page.