Important: please consider that onsite registration is not possible (no cards, no cash, sorry!), so you have to register in advance. Please also consider if you want to join the social dinner. Please check the Important dates page in advance.

  • Early bird: 70 EUR
  • Regular: 90 EUR
  • Early bird PhD students: 35 EUR
  • Regular PhD students: 50 EUR
  • Early bird MA and BA students: 20 EUR
  • Regular MA and BA students: 30 EUR

Social dinner

The social dinner, to be held in the beautiful EYE Restaurant, costs 45 EUR, for every participant, students included. See the Dinner page for details on the restaurant. You can pay for the dinner either with a single money transfer, indicating it in the reference (example: “C.2065.0006 CLOW3 Janssen MA + sd” meaning ‘MA and dinner’, for the Early bird/Regular it suffices to see the date) or with a transaction apart (example: “C.2065.0006 CLOW3 Janssen sd”). Participation is not mandatory, in other words it is perfectly fine to join CLOW3 without joining the social dinner. You can pay for the dinner later, until April 27, 2018, i.e. when Regular Registration Closes. We appreciate if you informally contact the Local Organizing Committee to inform about your willing to join the social dinner.

Important information for students (PhD included)

Students should provide a proof of their status. BA, MA and PhD students at the University of Amsterdam can simply contact the Local Organizing Committee via email, without any formality. External students should prove their status. If your University provides a document in English that attests that you are a student, it will suffice to send that document as a PDF to the Local Organizing Committee. If your University does not provide such a document in English, please ask your PhD supervisor or a Faculty member to write a letter stating your academic status. The letter should be signed by handwriting, scanned, and sent to the Local Organizing Committee.

How to pay

In order to register to the conference, please transfer the money to our bank account:

Name of the account holder: UvA-Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
IBAN: NL56DEUT0446607460
The BIC code/SWIFT code: DEUTNL2N
In reference to: C.2065.0006 CLOW3 family name and codes (i.e. PhD, MA, BA for reduced fees, and ‘sd’ for social dinner)

The registration is needed for people working or studying at the University of Amsterdam too. Important: the reference and in particular the code C.2065.0006 is very important. Please include it!

More information

Please contact the Local Organizing Committee. See Contact page.